A concise history of Ireland - by P. W. Joyce - PDF ebook

A concise history of Ireland (1903) Illustrated 

A concise history of Ireland (1903) Illustrated

Excerpt :
In writing this book I have generally followed the plan of weaving the narrative around important events and leading personages. This method, while in no degree interfering with the continuity of the History, has enabled me to divide the whole book into short chapters, each forming a distinct narrative or story more or less complete, and it has aided me in my endeavor* to make the History of Ireland interesting and attractive. 

Without descending to childish phraseology, I have done my best to make the language so simple and plain that any child can understand it who is able to read English with the facility. My constant aim has been to make the book easy to read and easy to understand.

 Above all I have tried to write soberly and moderately, avoiding exaggeration and bitterness, pointing out extenuating circumstances where it was just and right to do so, giving credit where credit is due, and showing fair play all around. A writer's nr^y accomplish all this while sympathizing heartily, as I do, with Ireland and her people. Perhaps this book, written as it is in such a broad and just spirit, may help to foster mutual feelings of respect and toleration among Irish people of different parties and may teach them to love and admire what is great and noble in their history, no matter where found. 

This indeed was one of the objects I kept steadily in view while writing it. When a young citizen of Limerick and another of Derry read the account given here of the two memorable sieges, I hope it is not too much to expect that the reader in each case, while feeling a natural pride in the part played by his own ancestors, will be moved to a just and generous admiration for those of the other side who so valiantly defended their homes.

 And the History of Ireland, though on the whole a very sad history, abounds in records of heroic deeds and heroic endurance, l which all Irish people of the present-day ought to look back to with pride, and which all young persons should be taught to reverence and admire. 

Though the book has been written for children, I venture to express a hope that it may be found sufficiently interesting and instructive for the perusal of older people. The Illustrations, all of which relate to the several parts of the text where they occur, and all of which have been selected with great care, will be found, I trust, to add to the interest of the book. the effort has been spared to secure truthfulness and accuracy of statement; the utmost care has been taken throughout to consult and compare original authorities, and nothing has been accepted on second-hand evidence.

 It may not be unnecessary to say that, except in the few places where I quote, the narrative all through this book is original, and not made up by adapting or copying the texts of other modern Irish Histories. For good or for bad I preferred my own way of telling the story.

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