A book of English love poems by Edward Hutton - PDF

A book of English love poems

A book of English love poems
A book of English love poems

Chosen out of poets from Wyatt to Arnold.


'The volume here presented to the reader is a selection of complete poems ^ from all or almost all that is worth preserving in English Lyric Poetry which has Loved as its subject. And since Poetry is the^jone-Art in which we have made a really indestructible success, in which we have really expressed ourselves, we may find here some hundreds of verses of imperishable beauty. 

In any wide view of English Poetry it might seem as though all the vitality of the race, that desire for expression, the idealism and dreams of a great people who must create, always with joy, had passed into Verse, since in Prose we have not attained to the lucidity and perfection of the French; nor in Sculpture to the immortal and precise beauty of the Greeks; nor in Painting to the loveliness and power of the Italians; nor in Music to the profound rhythm of the Germans.

 It is really only in Poetry that we are as it were a world power since we have produced indisputably the most beautiful Verse of the modern world, perhaps of all time, in Lyric as in Dramatic Poetry. Our extraordinary indifference to Art or Beauty of any sort has obscured much of the great dramatic literature - ' There are, I think, but three exceptions: only one, that of the songs from "The Song of Songs," is of any importance. cure of our race.

The Aldine Poets, the Muses' Library, the Anthologies of Mr. Palgrave, Mr. Henley, and Mr. Bullen have taken away that reproach from us, and today it is possible to obtain the work of almost any Lyric Poet at a small cost. But that extraordinary fear of beauty that has led us in the past to forget that which alone will give us immortality is by no means dead. I number among my acquaintances a person, a good Church of England man, full of good works, a man of the public schools and a graduate of the University of Oxford; and the same man is the father of a family so that I find in him all the echoing virtues of our race. 

So characteristic is he of a people which has given the beautiful Masques of Ben Jonson to oblivion that he will tell me, without hesitation or shame, that he cannot read Shakespeare because he -wrote in Ferse. Now, since it is a commonplace of the schools that there is no virtue without music, this Master of Arts, who might seem to be so bourgeois, so excellently rectitudinous and harmless, is, it might seem, in reality, anarchical in his influence, disorderly at least in the higher morality, and an enemy to those profound laws that govern that perfect state which lieth in the heavens seen there by Plato, and that St. Paul has told us is there eternal.
Author: Edward Hutton
Publication date: 1905

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