Socrates, the man and his mission- James H. West - PDF

Socrates, the man, and his mission

Socrates, the man, and his mission

The present study of Socrates and his mission has been done in the leisure gathered from other avocations, and was undertaken as the result of a profound personal reverence for Athens' saint and sage. 

It records the impression made on the writer by the ancient authorities. It has not been written for experts and scholars, but in order to tempt the average Englishman of culture to hold company for a little while with one of earth's most elect spirits and leaders. 

Accordingly discussion of disputed matters has been reduced to a minimum, though it could not be quite eliminated. The class of readers for whom the book is intended will also account for the introduction of material connected with life and ideas contemporary with Socrates, superfluous for the Greek student, but, one hopes, not uninteresting to the general reader, nor without relevance and use in giving him the needed background of light and shade in order to a just appreciation of the man's character and work. 

I only hope it will be the means of sending some to more authoritative and better sources, for to know Socrates is to love him and to reverence human nature. I have been helped by the various modern authorities to whom references are given, and have to thank Professors Phillimore and Latta of Glasgow University for initial guidance to the literature, and also Professor Taylor of St. Andrews for discussing one or two points with me. I am also obliged to Messrs. Macmillan and Co., and to the Clarendon Press, Oxford, for permission to quote from Dakyns' trans- ation of Xenophon, and Jowett's translation of Plato, respectively.

Author: James H. West
Publication date: 1914

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