Make the most of your life - by Douglas Ellsworth - PDF book

Make the most of your life 

Make the most of your life

This book aims to show and prove that the reader need not be a "brain" (in the movie sense) to make the most of his life. It gives him ways and means of using to the utmost what talents and opportunities he now has. 

The book offers scores of real-life incIdents to show personality in action and to break down theories into practical, workable pointers and formulas that anyone can use if he wants to. This breaking down from theory into practice is done by a practical man who has seen it done by others and has practiced it himself and knows that it works, why it works and how it works.

 When the author writes about how to develop creative imagination he is writing from his experience of 25 years with people who thrive on their creative imaginations. When he writes about how to make a plan, test it, and make it work, he has boiled down the essentials that he has personally used as the basis for his planning in making several successful enterprises work. 

If you would make the most of your life you have to know what you want, and what you have, and go after what you want with all you have to offer. Lurton makes this a real adventure and points the way to an appraisal and practical application of your ambition, initiative, originality, perseverance, enthu- siasm and other personality factors. 

He emphasizes and makes vivid the fundamental principles on which achievement is based in any walk of life, so that you may learn to draw more fully on your capabilities.

Contents of the book:

  • One You Don't Have to Be Brilliant 1
  • Two Use What You Now Have 10
  • Three You Have to Know What You Want 19
  • Four Make a Plan and Make It Work 30
  • Five You Can be a "Genius," Too 43
  • Six You Can Outwit Your Handicaps 57
  • Seven How to Develop Creative Imagination 72
  • Eight Self-starters Put Their Ideas to Work 84
  • Nine Pointers on Solving Your Problems 98
  • Ten The Asset of Dependable Cooperation 112
  • Eleven Your Enthusiasm for Life 124
  • Twelve Your Popularity Rating 131
  • Thirteen Seven-day Plan for Winning Friends 140
  • Fourteen The Art and Value of Face Saving 152
  • Fifteen The Fine Art of Persuasion 169
  • Sixteen The Way to a Powerful Vocabulary 177
  • Seventeen The Easier Way to Find the Right Job 190
  • Eighteen Stop Feeling Inferior 207
  • Nineteen How to Defeat Your Enemy, Fear 218
  • Twenty The Folly of Regret and Self-pity 228
  • Twenty-one A Code to Live By 236
  • Your Executive Pattern Test 92
  • Your True or False Popular Beliefs Test 109
  • How Good Is Your Memory? 121
  • Are You the Affirmative Type? 129
  • Test Your Popularity 133
  • Twenty-five Marks of a Successful, Popular Personality 141
  • Twenty-five Marks of an Unsuccessful, Unpopular Personality 141
  • Test Your Tactfulness 166
  • Test on Commonly Mispronounced Words 185
  • How Self-conscious Are You? 216
  • How Many Fears Have You? 226
  • Test Your Feelings of Regret and Self-pity 232

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