Christian D. Larson 10 eBook collection - Mentalism and Spiritual healing

Christian D. Larson 10 eBook collection - Mentalism and Spiritual healing 

Christian Daa Larson (1874– 1954) was a teacher, as well as a prolific author of metaphysical and New Thought books. He is credited by Horatio Dresser as being a founder of the New Thought movement Many of Larson's books remain in print today, more than 100 years after they were first published, and his writings influenced notable 

Here are the most famous by the prolific and inspirational author Christian D. Larson


  1. Concentration. 
  2. Healing yourself.
  3. How the mind works
  4. How to stay well
  5. In the light of the Spirit
  6. Just be glad
  7. Steps in human progress
  8. The ideal made real or, Applied metaphysics for beginners
  9. Thinking for results
  10. The Pathway of rose

Some quotes by the author:

“The more grateful you are for everything good that comes into your life, the more closely you place your mind in contact with that power in life that can produce a greater good.” ― Christian D. Larson

“The desire to criticize becomes less and less as the character is developed. It is the mark of a fine character never to be critical and to mention but rarely the faults of others. A strong character does not resist evil but uses their strength in building good. They know that when the light is made strong, the darkness will disappear of itself.”
― Christian D. Larson\

“The true purpose of the strong is to promote greater strength in the weak, and not to keep the weak in that state where they are at the mercy of the strong.” 
― Christian D. Larson

“Depend only upon yourself, but work in harmony with all things.” ― Christian D. Larson

“The habit of giving up when the present task is half finished and try something else is one of the chief causes of failure.” ― Christian D. Larson

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