The twin calves by Sanford Tousey- PDF children book

The twin calves by Sanford Tousey- PDF children book

Story for children in the time of cowboys

The twin calves by Sanford Tousey

“Come out by the barn!” shouted Al to his brother Jed. “Dad just brought in twin calves! 

They’re spotted alike and you can’t tell ’em apart. Run!” Jed ran toward the barn as fast as his legs would carry him. He was a year older than his brother, Al. Their father, Mr. Dane, owned a big western ranch with hundreds of cattle on it. Mr. Dane had promised his sons that if ever twin calves were born on his ranch each boy was to be given one for his very own. 

When Al and Jed saw the beautiful little twin calves with their soft, silky hair they were very happy. “They’re both boy calves—just like you two,” laughed their father. “How are you going to tell them apart without a brand mark on them? I don’t believe Boss, their mother, can tell which is which.” Jed and A1 were puzzled at this question. The marks on each calf were so nearly alike that neither boy would know which one was his. 

Finally, AL spied a difference and said, “Look, Jed, the end of that one’s tail is all black but this one has a white tip on it! I’ll take, the white tip and you take the black tip. They’re spotted just alike otherwise. I’ll call mine Tippie because of his white tail tip.”

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