History of the Ancient synagogue - (1901) by Moses Gaster - PDF ebook

History of the Ancient synagogue of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews

Ancient synagogue
Ancient synagogue

the cathedral synagogue of the Jews in England, situated in Bevis Marks: a memorial volume is written specially to celebrate the two-hundredth anniversary of its inauguration, 1701-1901: with illustrations and facsimiles of deeds and documents

ON the 23rd of January, 1901, I was approached by the Mahamacl through Mr. Joseph de Castro, one of their members, to prepare a short history of the Synagogue of the forthcoming celebration of the 2ooth year since its inauguration. 

It was to be a Memorial volume limited to the life within the walls of the Synagogue. With great pleasure and intense satisfaction, I consented to undertake what I knew to be a very onerous task, especially in view of the short time at my disposal.

 It would have been utterly impossible for me to accomplish my task, had I not met in the first place with the readiest and liberal assistance at the hands of the Mahamacl and our Secretary, who did even thing in their power to facilitate the work I had undertaken with so much love. 

Wider circles took an interest in the work. Many a helping hand was given to me, especially in the collection of portraits, now included in the volume. In order that my thanks should be more than a passing expression, offered to all the friends who have lightened my task, I have mentioned them singly in the body of the book. I have also been greatly assisted in the technical part of the publication by Mr. . Perkoff and Messrs. Elliott and Fry, the photographers, by Mr J. Day, of the firm of Martin, Hood, Larkin, and Co., in the preparation of the blocks, and above all by Messrs. Harrison and Sons, the printers.

 On the 2.3rd of May, the first part of the manuscript was in their hands, and in spite of heavy corrections and difficult manipulations caused by the insertion of the illustrations and facsimiles, the book appears on the appointed day. It is to be the forerunner of a more elaborate work, treating of the history of the Sephardim in England. Imperfections that are sure to occur in this History will, as far as possible, be removed and omissions supplied in that volume. May the reader find as much pleasure in perusing the following pages, as the author has experienced in writing them.

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