"Where angels fear to tread", and other tales of the sea by Morgan Robertson

Collection of short stories by Morgan Robertson 1899 

short stories by Morgan Robertson
short stories by Morgan Robertson

"Where angels fear to tread."--The brain of the battle-ship.--The wigwag message.--The trade-wind.--Salvage.--Between the millstones.--The battle of the monsters.--From the royal yard down.--Needs must when the devil drives.--When Greek meets Greek.--Primordial

Morgan Andrew Robertson was an American author of short stories and novels, and the self-proclaimed inventor of the periscope

The man who claimed to have invented the periscope also wrote a short novel that uncannily predicted the sinking of the Titanic some fourteen years before that ship's ill-fated voyage. His name was Morgan Robertson (1861-1915), an American author and, fittingly enough, the son of a ship captain

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