Self-Unfoldment:- PDF (1929) by J E Richardson

Self-Unfoldment: The Practical Application of Moral Principles to the Living of a Life (1929) in Two Volumes


Highly recommended priceless knowledge.
The Practical Application of Moral Principles to the Living of a Life. The books of the harmonic series are the most recent written record of a philosophy that had its origin many millennia before the present.

"Life is that Element in Nature which impels everything — whether organic or inorganic; physical, spiritual or psychical — to function according to the law of its being." 

This definition of The Great School of the Masters applies equally to Individual organisms as a whole, and to the various Individual organs and parts thereof. There are four distinct and definite Universal "Life Elements," and each of these Elements is responsible for the functional activities of Life within its own kingdom. Ether, Air, and Water are recognized as "Elements" of Nature. And yet, they are not subject to the process of evolution. 

They are the same today, as far as science knows, as they were a million years ago; or as they were when they first came into existence have not "evolved" as Elements, or otherwise changed, in any manner. They are Universal within the environment of our planet; and Ether, at least, is supposed, by physical science, to be Universal in time and space. Air and Water are sufficiently Universal to be a part of all planetary environments wherein exist Life and Intelligence. 

Undoubtedly, Ether, Air and Water all exert their influence upon the Individual Lives and Intelligences that exist within them and develop through them. But they, themselves, are fixed and established conditions of Nature; and, as such, are not in a state of evolution. They are only parts of Nature's mechanical device for the evolution of Individual Intelligence. We know that Individual Life and Individual Intelligence do develop within the waters of the earth. Bear in mind that Water is one of the "Elements of Nature." 

We also know that these Individual Lives and Intelligence which come into physical existence in and through the Element of Water do develop, and do evolve; but, so far as science knows, the Element of Water itself does not evolve. It remains the same, yesterday, today, and forever, so far as we know. It is only one of Nature's instrumentalities for the generation and evolution of Individual Intelligence. The parallel with the Life Elements, as such, is complete. Individual Lives and Individual Intelligence come into being within the Life Elements; and we know that these Individual Lives and bits of Intelligence, having become Individualized by Nature, proceed to develop, unfold and evolve; but we do not know that the Life Elements themselves, as such, are subject to the process of evolution. They remain fixed conditions, so far as science knows. 

The Life Elements are not limited to the physical plane of Life; they exist on all the planes of Life. There is, however, a difference in the degree of their refinement and vibratory activity. The Life Elements upon the spiritual planes of Life are suited to the refined requirements of the Individual Life and Intelligence upon those planes.

Contents of Volume 1

Life _. I 9
Altruism II 25
Wisdom _ Ill 41
Compensation _ IV 53
Tolerance V 79
Judgment VI 97
Refinement VII 119
Beauty _ VIII 135
Play IX 143
Humor „ X 165
Cheerfulness XI 183
Self-Control _ XII 197
Poise _ - XIII 227

Contents of Volume 2

 Go On! 
Conscience and Consistency 
The Health Attitude 
Faith and Works 
Intellectual Vanity 
The Critical Attitude 
Ethical Principles


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