Radio Who's Who (1947) by Cyrus Andrews - PDF ebook

Radio Who's Who (1947)

Radio Who's Who
Radio Who's Who (1947)

Although twenty-four years have elapsed since the British Broadcasting Company began its daily programs from Savoy Hill, there is still no up-to-date reference book concerning the thousands of people connected with broadcasting. 

 For this reason alone " Radio Who's Who " will prove invaluable to theatrical and film producers, as well as radio and television producers, artists' booking agencies, and radio journalists. 

And it is hoped that as well as being a useful reference book, it will also prove readable and entertaining to listeners and " fans." Everything possible has been done to eliminate errors and, as the biographical details have been supplied in nearly every case by the persons concerned, readers may be reasonably confident of their factual accuracy. The style in many cases is intentionally informal — thus helping to preserve the individuality of style of those whose biographies are included. More important than any possible minor inaccuracy will be the omissions inevitable in a pioneering volume — some of them due to the rapid expansion of radio during war years.

 That they are mainly the result of failure to contact the people concerned further stresses the need for a radio reference book. Apologies are offered to all such people and their co-operation in rectifying omissions in subsequent editions will be welcomed. Grateful thanks are tendered to all those whose kind co-operation has made the book possible, and most particularly to the B.B.C., without whose friendly help the difficulties of compiling it might well have proved insuperable.

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