Pheasants, turkeys and geese (1895) PDF ebook by William Cook

Pheasants, turkeys, and geese: their management for pleasure and profit.

Pheasants, turkeys, and geese

In sending out my book on Pheasants, Turkeys, and Geese, it would be well to give a few of the reasons that have led me to undertake its publication. 

For some years past by many persons have written me, asking for more full and detailed information respecting Turkeys and Geese than the necessarily limited chapters contained in my " Poultry Breeder and Feeder " could possibly give them. I have noted these applications, and now having found time amid all my other calls to devote to this subject, 

I have put into printed form the results of many experiments, much observation, and a long and wide experience of the birds I speak of, and the persons for whose information I am writing. Pheasant breeding and rearing is an industry carried on very largely in some parts of our country, but on going over some of the Pheasantries, I was sorry to find much that seemed to me mismanagement, and -many things that needed speedy reformation, so I have combined in this little work some chapters upon this subject, it being one in which I am deeply interested, and upon which I have spent a good deal of time inpatient observation. 

All the information. contained in the book is practical, and if any readers should find it different from some work that has come under their notice prior to its appearance, let me ask them to compare results, and then give their verdict ' as to which system — the one I advocate, or the one they had previously believed in — is that which is likely to make their birds healthy, and themselves more wealthy; as in stock breeding and rearing, that desideratum is only to be achieved by the most careful attention to little things, and the avoidance of any conditions which are likely to hinder the well- being of the stock. 

My thanks are due to the public for the kind way in which they have received all my books and articles, and I trust this further contribution may add to my readers' benefit, and better still, to my readers' fund of knowledge, which shall help them the better to manage their stock, so that much profit may be gained. I would still re-echo my old watchword, and show How to make Poultry Pay, and, in this case, Pheasants too.


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