Money's fiscal dictionary (1910) PDF by Leo Chiozza Money

Money's fiscal dictionary 

Money's fiscal dictionary
Money's fiscal dictionary 

This book is designed to present, in a convenient form, information upon the fiscal question in its relation to British industry and commerce. It was the aim of the author to make it encyclopaedic in character, but the protraction of the Parliamentary session of 1909 has compelled him considerably to modify his ambition, and the imminence of a general election seems to render it inadvisable to postpone the publication of a work which, while admittedly incomplete , and far short of what he desired to make it, will, it is believed, prove of some value to the student of affairs.

 It is the hope of the author that he may be pardoned his sins of omission on account of the very considerable amount of information which his pages, incomplete as they are, afford. 

Every care has been exercised in compiling the statistics and statements of fact adduced, but in treating such a large variety of subjects the author cannot hope to have avoided error. He would welcome, and indeed invites, correction from his readers, whatever their fiscal opinions. This work first took shape in the columns of the Morning Leader, in which it was published in an abbreviated form, and the author is indebted to Mr. Ernest Parke, the editor, for permission to publish this expanded version of the widely circulated popular " Fiscal ABC." 

He has also to thank the editors of the Daily News, the Westminster Gazette, the Daily Mail Year Book, the Free Trader, the Daily Dispatch, and the Co-operative Annual for permission to incorporate in this Dictionary articles which he has contributed during the past few years to those publications.

Sir Leo George Chiozza Money, born Leone Giorgio Chiozza, was an Italian-born economic theorist who moved to Britain in the 1890s, where he made his name as a politician, journalist and author.

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