"Gamle Norge" : rambles and scrambles in Norway (1879) PDF by Robert Taylor Pritchett

"Gamle Norge": rambles and scrambles in Norway: Travel book with illustrations.


The object of the present work is to bring before the notice of the general reader and tourist the advantages and pleasure accruing from a few weeks' sojourns among the mountains and fjords of that grand yet simple country, Norway. Everywhere abounding with features of interest, it will especially commend itself to the Englishman when he calls to mind how close was the link between the Scandinavians and his ancestors. 

To travel profitably it is not sufficient merely to notice or admire scenic effects. Men and manners should also be closely observed; and no object or detail, however trivial, should be neglected or deemed beneath regard. Norway presents a wide field for observation and research, whatever may be the tastes and predilections of the visitor. 

Here may the geologist, if so disposed, find ample material for study; the archaeologist and antiquarian may revel among Runic stones, Viking tumuli, rites, and ceremonies, quaint wood-carvings adorned with the ever-twining serpent, costumes, customs, &c. ; the keenest sportsman will find a treat in store for him; while the lover of the grand in nature and of simple rustic life will meet with them here to his heart's content. But to do this the main roads and cities must be abandoned for the mountains and fjelds, with their reindeer tracts and trout streams. To the Fjeld, then, to the Fjeld ! with its beautiful flora and mosses, its sport, its avalanches and landslips, its balmy air, and soothing zephyrs. To the Fjeld off to the Fjeld!

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