Dictionary of quotations (1906) by Philip Hugh Dalbiac, PDF book

 Dictionary of quotations 

Dictionary of quotations

I have been induced to undertake the present work under the idea that, in spite of the many excellent compilations of the same class already in existence, there is scarcely one that is at the same time complete, up-to-date, and sufficiently explicit in the matter of references. 

To meet this want I have given the fullest possible reference to chapter and verse for each quotation; and by drawing the quotations from the best obtainable editions of the Authors themselves, and not from other books of reference, I have, I hope, be able to correct any errors which have crept in through the use of " Quotations of Quotations ". As it would have been impossible to have included in a single volume a complete list of well-known quotations and sayings from the earliest historic times to the present day, this work has been divided into Parts, the present volume containing quotations from only English and American Authors, translations being carefully excluded; I have, however, made an exception in the case of the English Bible. 

The second volume, edited by Mr. T. B. Harbottle, which is now nearly ready for press, will contain quotations from only Greek and Latin writers; and it is hoped, if the success of these two Parts warrants it, to complete the work with a volume dealing with modern Continental writers. My best thanks are due to many friends, especially to Mr. W. Swan Sonnenschein and Mr. J. G. Cotton Minchin, who, during the past five years, has kindly and materially assisted me in my labors, by providing me with many books essential to the undertaking, which I might otherwise have been put to much difficulty and inconvenience to obtain.

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