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Concentration By Christian Daa Larson



The art of concentration is one of the simplest to learn, and one of the greatest when mastered; and these pages are written especially for those who wish to learn how to master this fine art in all of its aspects; who wish to develop the power to concentrate well at any time and for any purpose; who wish to make real concentration a permanent acquisition of the mind. Whatever your work or your purpose may be, good concentration is indispensable. It is necessary to apply, upon the object or subject at hand, the

the full power of thought and talent if you are to secure, with certainty, the results you desire or win the one thing you have in view. But the art of concentration is not only a leading factor in the fields of achievement and realization; it is also a leading factor in another field — a field of untold possibility.

The exceptional value of concentration is recognized universally; and still, there are comparatively few who really know how to concentrate. 

Some of these have a natural aptitude for concentrated thought and action, while others have improved themselves remarkably in this direction, due to increased knowledge of the subject; but as yet the psychology of concentration is not understood generally, and that is why the majority have not developed this great art, although they are deeply desirous of doing so. When we do not know how to proceed, we either hesitate or proceed in a bungling fashion; or, we may proceed under the guidance of a number of misleading beliefs. 

And in connection with concentration, there are several ideas and beliefs that have interfered greatly with the development of this art. In fact, methods have been given out and published broadcasts, which are supposed to develop concentration but produce the very opposite effect. These things, however, clear up when we learn the psychology of the subject.

We all appreciate the value of speed, especially in the thinking processes of the mind. The mind that moves slowly is never brilliant; while the mind that can think and act with lightning rapidity is on the verge of attaining genius, and may reach the goal of genius in this way if depth and range are combined with the element of speed. 

It is not possible, however, to produce mental speed through forced action; it comes naturally through concentration; and it will mean more work and better work; more perfect plans and more brilliant ideas — a combination that will go very far toward the high goal we have in view. 

You are equal to any occasion when the whole of your mind is called into action, and this very thing concentration has the power to do. More than that, the whole of the mind will be called to higher ground, thereby working itself out of mediocrity and restricted channels, and gradually developing itself into that wonderful state where everything seems possible. 

Real concentration can lead the way; the whole mind will follow; concentration invariably leads to worlds of greater results. When we concentrate well we exercise a peculiar influence over the whole mind; we create, in every part of the mind, an irresistible desire to go to work; and we inspire every element of the mind with a definite ambition to excel. 

The act of concentration tends not only to apply effectively all available energy of mind and personality but tends also to draw forth latent energies. The fact is that real concentration be- comes into the mind a remarkable force of attraction — attracting to itself un-used and latent energies from all sources in the mental world. 

That is one reason why the mind that concentrates well becomes so powerful, and why such a mind will invariably forge ahead, regardless of what the obstacles or difficulties may be. It is now a known fact that the subconscious supply of latent energy is enormous; and as concentration tends to attract latent energy from all sources, we perceive here possibilities that assume tremendous proportions. Concentrated action will grow into greater action, and upon the principle that "much gathers more"; " nothing succeeds like success "; " make expert use of what you have and Nature will bountifully increase your supply." All things in life flow into the mainstream — because the mainstream is going somewhere — concentrating its movements upon a definite goal.

Author: Christian Daa Larson 
Publication Date: 1920

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