A thousand and one formulas by Sidney Gernsback - PDF ebook

A thousand and one formulas; the laboratory handbook for the experimenter

A thousand and one formulas

In the following, we wish to give to the experimenter some hints as to the use of the different ingredients and how to work them :
(1) Always bear in mind that the exact working of the formula requires ACCURACY, CLEANLINESS, PATIENCE, and SKILL.

(2) Know what you are about before you start to experiment.

applies well to the experimenter.

(4) Many times impure, wrong or deteriorated raw materials, spell FAILURE instead of SUCCESS.
(5) A great many of the chemicals and ingredients required, cannot be obtained from drug stores; buy them at a reputable supply house.

(6) BEFORE CONDEMNING A FORMULA, be sure the fault does not lie with the manner of handling it or the purity of the ingredients.

(7) Be sure to mix the materials comprising a certain formula in the proper sequence.

(8) When starting to prepare a mixture, especially. one containing liquids, ask yourself: "IS THE SPECIFIC GRAVITY CORRECT, AS INDICATED BY A HYDROMETER? IS THE TEMPERATURE RIGHT?mIS THE QUANTITY OR WEIGHT RIGHT?"

(9) Acids and water, when mixed, should be manipulated in the proper manner, i. e., THE ACID SHOULD BE POURED INTO THE WATER and not vice versa, as the solution is liable to be forcibly ejected from the containing vessel and into the mixer's face.

(10) For any kind of SYSTEMATIC WORK, a floating THERMOMETER, and HYDROMETER, as well as measuring glasses and scales, should always be provided, as GUESS-WORK is EXPENSIVE and SOMETIMES FATAL

(11) Put labels on ALL bottles, boxes, and packages with FULL INSCRIPTION as to their contents, it will avoid troubles and mistakes.

(12) Remember that a beginner cannot expect to make articles AT FIRST, which will compare with regular. manufactured products. S.G.

Publication date: 1920

Review by Lionheart Glass
Great hints for artists inventors and tinkerers I found some of the information to be very useful as an artist. There are interesting methods for cutting glass and putting holes in glass etc. . There is a recipe for wax for casting and interesting things to do with plaster of Paris. There is also some stuff that you probably shouldn't try at home for safety reasons. 


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