A child of the Jago - PDF novel by Arthur Morrison

A child of the Jago 

A child of the Jago Novel
A child of the Jago

The misery, foulness, and brutality of the poorest are drawn with the same unshrinking realism, and scarcely any comic or emotional relief. The life of a little boy, who leaves liis thieving for a time to work in a shop. The district pictured is the scene of continual fights and bloodshed, brightened only by a muscular priest's courageous work

The Jago is a seriously deprived area in which hardly anyone has honest employment or any prospect of it. Existence is solely about survival on a day-to-day basis. Money is squandered in gambling or on drink and tobacco, and children go unfed. In such an environment survival is a matter of ruthlessness and opportunism.

date: 1896

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