Thinking for results (1912) Christian Daa Larson - PDF ebook

Thinking for results by Christian Daa Larson

Thinking for results
Thinking for results 

That man can change himself, improve himself, re-create himself, control his environment and master his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought in constructive action. In fact, it is the conviction of all such minds that man can do practically anything within the possibilities of the human domain when he knows how to think, and that he can secure almost any result desired when he learns how to think for results. 

Man is as he thinks he is, and what he does is the result of the sum total of his thought. The average person, however, thinks of random and therefore lives at random and does not know from day to day whether good or evil lies in his path. What he finds in his path is invariable '• the result of his own thinking, but as he does not know what results from different kinds of thought produce he creates both good and evil daily not knowing that he necessarily does either of these. 

When he knows what each mental state will produce, however, and has gained the power to think as he likes under all sorts of circumstances, then he will have fate, destiny, environment, physical conditions, mental conditions, attainments, achievements and in fact everything in his own hands. 

It is a well-known fact that we can produce any effect desired when we understand causes and can master those causes. And as the process of thinking is the one underlying cause in the life of the man we naturally become masters over all life when we can understand and master the process of thinking. Each process of thinking produces its own results in mind and body and acts indirectly upon all the actions and efforts of mind and body. Therefore, through adverse thinking, almost any undesirable condition may be produced while almost any condition of worth and value can be produced through wholesome thinking. Certain processes of thought will lead to sickness, others to poverty, while processes of thought that are entirely different from these will lead to health, power, and prosperity. 

Through chaotic thinking, one can bring about years of trouble and misfortune, while through a properly arranged system of thinking one can determine his own future for years and years in advance. Everything that happens to a man is the result of something that he has done or fails to do. But since both actions and inactions come from corresponding states of mind he can make almost anything happen that he likes when he learns to regulate his thinking. This may seem to be a very strong statement, but the more perfectly we understand the relation of mental action

 to physical and personal action the more convinced we become that this statement is absolutely true. When we study the laws of nature we find that certain results invariably follow certain uses of those laws and that other results follow the misuse of those laws. 

We find that a misused law can finally carry you to the lowest depths and that a law that is perfectly understood and properly applied can carry you to the greatest heights. In the use of natural law, however, we are at liberty to change our mind at any time; that is, when we find ourselves going down we can turn about and go the other way; though the fact remains that if we continue the downgrade we will finally reach the low- est depths. The same is true when we find ourselves advancing; we may become negligent and fall back, but the law in question can carry us on higher and higher without end if we choose to go. The laws that govern thinking are just as absolute as the well-known laws of nature and will serve man just as faithfully after he has begun to apply them with understanding.

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