Surprise on wheels by Margaret Friskey- PDF children Book

Surprise on wheel PDF children Book 1940

Surprise on wheel PDF children

Note—The text of this book is set In Manuscript type, the same alphabet that the boy and girl first learn to identify and to use at school. The purpose of the book is to present easy, interesting read¬ ing for the beginner, with no new typefaces to confuse the reader.


Peter found a little barrel in the barn. 
Patsy found a little box. Peter found a big bell. 
Patsy found a lantern. 
All-day Patsy and Peter hammered and sawed. 
They made a train. 
They sat on the train. 
They wished the train would go. 
They wanted to ride. 
But the train did not go. 
It stayed in Uncle Joe’s backyard. 
"The train is no good because it doesn’t go," said Peter. 
"It doesn’t go because it has no wheels," said Patsy.

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