El libro de San Cipriano (Spanish Version) PDF by Jonás Surfurino

El libro de San Cipriano

El libro de San Cipriano
El libro de San Cipriano

completo de verdadera magia, o sea, tesoro del hechicero

This book is a very famous book regarding occults and witchcraft. unfortunately, we did not find the English version 

La clavicula de Salomón -- Invocaciones, pactos y exorcismos -- El dragón rojo y la cabra infernal -- La gallina negra, escuela de sortilegios -- El gran grimorio o el pacto de sangre ; Candela Mágica para descubrir encantamientos -- Recopilación de la magia caldea y egipcia, filtros, encantamientos, hechicerías y sortilegios

Este libro es un libro muy famoso sobre ocultos y brujería. desafortunadamente, no encontramos la versión en inglés

Where you will see what was the origin and foundation of this book Having requested from Lucifer the fulfillment of the promise that had invoked me between the tempest and on the top from the mountain, he handed me a book written in Hebrew characters on virgin parchment, telling me: - ^ This book, written in Hebrew, is the same one owned by the great Cipriano, and to whom it was granted by me, forced to do so by virtue of a powerful talisman he possessed. 

It served him to learn the knowledge of "true magic" with the casuals I was able to have dominion over spirits and people. For his mediation became almighty, which you will achieve too if you meditate and execute what is contained in this book. I must ad- pour out that he will never leave you and even when you want to- mar it or throw it into a river, you will always find it again in the to serve as your bedroom. I was very amazed to hear these words, and I asked him to please Facie my curiosity, explaining the cause of such a prodigy. "" It's very simple, "he said. " 

This book is bathed in the great lagoon of the Red Dragons that exists in my domain, therefore it is impossible that none of the elements of the universe can destroy you. Its leaves cannot be cut or drilled. The fire goes out to your touch and the water does not make a dent. And how do you explain it to me - and I asked - that if I throw it away come back to my room. -You are very curious, but today I want to please you in everything. 

This book bears among its pages the Kabbalistic signs of the Dragon red and the infernal goat, or goat of art, and for the virtues magic of these, will always be transferred to your room and will accompany everywhere, remaining invisible to everyone less for you and for those who have made a pact with me. Do with him as many tests as you want and you will observe great wonders. 

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