A compendium of the Raja Yoga philosophy by Sankaracarya (1888) ebook

A compendium of the Raja Yoga philosophy

A compendium of the Raja Yoga philosophy

It is in the hope of laying before aspirants to spiritual knowledge, both in the East and the West, particularly before those who do not know Sanscrit, the theory of the Higher Self, and the mode of its realization that the book is published. It contains English translations of a few celebrated treatises on the subject :

1. Sankaracharya s Aparokshanubhuti (Direct cognition of the Unity of Jiva and Brahma).
2. Sankaracharya s Atmanatma Viveka, setting forth the scope and purpose of the Vedanta philosophy.
3. Shri Vakyasudha, teaching the annihilation of egoism
to realize the Universal Atma.
4. Vedanta Sara of Sadanand Swami giving a short resume of the Vedanta philosophy.
5. Sankaracharya s Crest Jewel of wisdom,
6. Charpat Panjari.

We venture to assure our readers that a careful study of these treatises will lead them to an exalted state of the mind which will raise them above the sphere of physical sorrows and pains and ultimately enable them to overcome the limitation, of time and space by realizing the Immortal Ego.

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