Exercises in logic (1922) PDF by Frederic C. Bartlett

Exercises in logic

Exercises in logic
Exercises in logic

This collection of exercises is mainly intended for the use of candidates offering Logic at such examinations as the Matriculation and Intermediate Examinations of London University, but it will be found useful also by those who are pursuing their course of study further with a view to Honours. 

The arrangement of the matter has been based upon that in the Intermediate Text-Book of Logic, by Professor Welton and Mr. A. J. Monahan, but this will not prevent the book from being used with any other textbook. Each chapter consists of a short demonstration with specimen answers to typical problems of the kinds which most frequently present themselves to the student of Logic; and these demonstrations are followed in each case by a selection of exercises, many of which have been actually set at examinations. 
The last chapter consists of a large collection of miscellaneous examples, including a number of arguments to be analyzed.

The following hints will, it is hoped, prove of service to students in suggesting the " right way and order " of answering examination questions and of preparation generally: — 
1. Make sure of the real object or purpose of the question. It is of little use to present a good answer if that answer deals with the wrong point. Every question has its particular aim; try to realize just what object the examiner had in asking a given (question, and then satisfy that object as directly as possible. 2. Be concise; but, at the same time, 

3. Be comprehensive. Do not let a legitimate desire for brevity lead you to omit anything essential. In particular, do not give the answer to a problem of inference without indicating the mode in which the problem is solved. As far as possible always give reasons for any conclusion at which you may arrive. 

4. In certain parts of logical doctrine, e.g. in opposition and eductions, correctness is the one thing needful. Hence be sure that you know the rules perfectly, and can apply them readily. 
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