Evolution, the master-key (1906) By C. W. Saleeby - PDF ebook

Evolution, the master-key; a discussion of the principle of evolution as illustrated in atoms, stars, organic species, mind, society, and morals.

Evolution, the master-key

Caleb Williams Saleeby was an English physician, writer, and journalist known for his support of eugenics. During World War I, he was an adviser to the Minister of Food and advocated the establishment of a Ministry of Health

The first proofs of the following pages reached me from across the Atlantic on the same day as a report of Professor George Darwin's Presidential Address to the British Association reached us from South Africa. In that fine address, entitled " Evolutionary Speculation," the illustrious son of an immortal father discussed the evolution of worlds and atoms, and suggested that the principle is of universal application. 

The leader-writer in the Times, commenting on the address, stated that only within the last few years has anyone ventured to maintain the principle of universal evolution first held by Heraclitus. Neither the journalist nor the professor mentioned the name of Herbert Spencer. 

Thus I take it that an attempt to show how the Synthetic Philosophy stands in relation to the most advanced knowledge will not be entirely superfluous, even for Anglo-Saxon readers. I know, of course, that hero-worship and reverence for our predecessors have nowadays accounted somewhat bourgeois and superfluous virtues, and I shall be sorry if any exhibition of them in the following pages grates upon the reader. Nevertheless, I shall continue, whenever possible, to express my recognition of a debt that I never can repay. 

Some contents :
I. Introductory The Meaning Of Evolution. 3
Ii. The Philosophic Temper 16
Iii. What Is Meant By Philosophy? 28
Iv. The Foundation Op Evolution 38
V. The Evolution Of The Idea 55
Part Ii
Inorganic Evolution
Vi. Cosmic Evolution 69
Vii. Atomic Evolution 83 Part Iii
Organic Evolution
Viii. General 95
Ix. The Origin Of Life 101
X. Heredity And Variation 116
Xi. The Factors Of Organic Evolution . . . . 121
Xii. The Origin Of Man 135
Xiii. Eugenics The Future Of Man 140
Xiv. Spencer's Contributions To Biology . . . 154
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