Elements of general history: embracing all the leading events (1866) PDF by John Warner Barber

Elements of general history: embracing all the leading events in the world's history from the earliest period to the end of the late civil war in the United States

elements of general history
elements of general history

The great events of the age in other countries, as well as in our own, affect the destiny of all. Geography and History being closely connected, each ought to be equally comprehensive. History is a narrative of what has taken place on the earth among human beings, and is considered by many as '* Philosophy teaching by example." 

It opens a vast field for study and contemplation; the rise and fall of empires, the connection of virtuous principles with the public happiness, the causes which have degraded individuals and nations, are all subjects worthy of the close attention of beings destined for immortality. Works on History have had their usefulness much impaired by the introduction of too many names, dates, and details which give no valuable information. 

The multiplicity of these is apt to confuse the mind and make the study itself dry and uninteresting. This evil the author has endeavored to avoid. The plan adopted in this work is substantial that used by Dr. Webster, the great American lexicographer, in his historical works for the use of schools. Every paragraph, or section, is prefixed with a title expressing its subject matter in italic letters. By this, at one glance, each subject is distinctly brought before the mind; an arrangement claimed to be superior to any other. Something of this kind has been in use ever since the art of printing was discovered, and its obvious utility must be acknowledged. 

It has been generally supposed that the details of Universal History could not be introduced into one work with sufficient fullness without swelling to a size that would prevent a wide circulation. This is believed to be a mistake. The author, in this work,, which is of the size of the Geographies most in use, has given an epitome, or summary, of all the most prominent events in Ancient and Modern History. He has endeavored, by the simplicity of language, to make every subject introduced, clear, comprehensive, instructive, and interesting. 

It is believed that this work will be found well adapted to our Common and other Schools as a History, or as a Reading Book, and also useful to all who are desirous to obtain some knowledge of the World's History

John Warner Barber was an American engraver and historian whose books of state, national, and local history featured his vivid illustrations, said to have caught the flavor and appearance of city, town, and countryside scenes in his day.

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