Brains and how to get them by Christian Daa Larson - 1913 - PDF ebook

Brains and how to get them by Christian Daa Larson

Brains and how to get them
Brains and how to get them by Christian Daa Larson

When we consider the human brain, together with mental brilliancy, mental power and mental capacity, we find three factors, in particular, that stand out distinctly; and we also find that the more we have of these three factors, the more brains we possess. 
The first factor is the physical cells of the brain; the second factor is the quality of the mind acting through the brain, and the third factor is the actions of the mind itself. 

\The actions of the mind we may also speak of as mental force; that is, that power in the mind that is distinct both from the mental quality and the physical side of the brain; and we always find that the possession of an exceptional degree of this mental force or power, always means mental brilliancy as well as high mental activity. 

The fact that these three factors, when highly developed, invariably produce a greater quantity and a higher degree of the brain, leads us to inquire how the further development of these factors may be promoted; and we now know that these factors can be developed. 
In the past, we lived largely in the belief that the increase of talent or ability was something that we might not expect — something that was hardly possible in any case, and therefore we felt it necessary to be content with what ability we might happen to be born with. This, however, we do not believe anymore, because any number of intensely interesting experiments conducted along these lines have proven conclusively that brains can be developed. This same fact is being proven every day by a great number of individuals who are constantly building up the mind and its power, through the best methods that they have been able to find in modern psychology. 

We have all noted how certain people have improved during certain periods of time when they gave attention to the newest principles of mental development; and in many cases, such improvement has been remarkable. We may therefore proceed in the conviction that brains can be developed and that an individual can develop his own brains, not only to a certain degree but to any degree desired.

Some contents of the book:

L Building the Brain 31
II. Making Every Brain Cell Alive 46
III. Principles in Brain Building 55
IV. Practical Methods in Brain Building 71 V. Vital Secrets in Brain Building. ... 89
VI. Special Brain Development 124
VII. The Inner Secret 135
VIII. The Finer Forces 142
IX.. Subjective Concentration 146
X. Principle of Concentration 151
XI. Development of Business Ability. . . 159
XII. Accumulation and Increase 164
XIII. Individual Advancement 170
XIV. The Genius of Invention 176
XV. The Musical Prodigy 189
XVI. Talent and Genius in Art 208
XVII. Talent and Genius in Literature. . . .
218 Conclusion: —
Vital Essentials in Brain Building 225

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