God and the State (1920) PDF by Michael Bakunin

God and the State 

Michael Bakunin
Michael Bakunin

This pamphlet was written by well-known Anarchist Bakunin who was a contemporary of Karl Marx and a prominent figure in the first international. This pamphlet is selected for reproduction at this time because at present religious and communal fanatical tension between the major communities in India is running riot. History shows that before the capitalist era never was there so much bloodshed made for any other cause than that of the defence of one’s own religion which was considered to have been directly or indirectly revealed by God. 

The invisible mythological deity the observance of the whose mandate through his messenger or prophet was a necessity and a passport to heaven or to enjoy eternal felicity. To disillusion this myth we have selected this work of Bakunin, as it contains not only arguments refuting the very existence of God by logical and scientific arguments and sound reasoning but it shows how the idea of God has historically been developed. Religion has never been a progressive force. It has retarded the growth of civilization wherever it has a stranglehold on the mind. 

If at all one cannot give up any of the established religion he must at the most should make it a personal affair and that no community or any leader has any right to enforce or to induce its observance or induce ignorance, Masses are t even though ignorance, and fanatic by nature but their fanaticism is fanned by interested leaders of a community or a party to serve their nefarious ends. They make use of the credulity of the ignorant masses by frightening them that their religion is in danger and that to protect it any sacrifices on their part are an obligation on them. 

The leaders remain at a safe distance while the orgy of murder, rape, and incendiarism is allowed to run riot among maddening crowds. Wherever and whenever the communal riots have .taken place they have taken a toll on innocent persons while the real culprits, go scotfree. We hope therefore that this booklet will serve a useful purpose in opening the eyes of credulous people and they will see that they do not fall prey to the evil designs of the mischief-mongers and exploiters by misleading and hoodwinked. The sincere people who become the catspaws of this seeking vultures of different communities must be saved from them.

Author : Mikhail Bakunin or  Michael Bakunin
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