Applied Chemistry Vol II (1932) by Kenneth Tinkler - PDF ebook

Applied Chemistry Vol II by Kenneth Tinkler and Helen Masters

Applied Chemistry Vol II
Applied Chemistry

The reasons for the production of this book have been dealt with in the preface to Vol. I. 
Since the first volume was published the degree of B.Sc. (Household and Social Science) has been substituted for the diploma originally granted by the University of London, and the complete book is intended primarily for students taking the course in Applied Chemistry, which is one of the subjects for this degree.

In the time available for instruction in this subject it is obviously impossible to deal with a number of important branches of Applied Chemistry. It is not even possible to include the whole of the matter dealt with in these two volumes in the course of any one session. 

The present volume deals with certain branches of the chemistry of food and with the interpretation of the analytical results obtained The subject of food is, of course, also dealt with in this College in connection with the instruction in Physiology, Hygiene, Bacteriology, and Household Work. 

As in the case of Vol. I. a certain amount of theoretical matter is introduced, which will, we hope, enhance its value as a laboratory manual. Some of the experiments described in the chapter on the Cooking of Foods involve the use of cooking stoves, saucepans, etc. 

Such work cannot be conveniently carried out in the Chemical Laboratory, and in this Department special equipment for this purpose is provided in the Kitchen Laboratory (see Preface to Vol. I.). As in the previous volume, this section of the work, being of a more specialized nature, is denoted by two asterisks. We wish to express our thanks to Mrs. D. Jackman, B.Sc., for preparing some of the diagrams and for assistance in reading the proofs.

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