"Where Chineses drive." : English student-life at Peking.(1885) PDF book

 English student-life at Peking. (1885)

English student-life at Peking. (1885)

The author did not mention his name 

 You complain that I never answer your letters and that when I do I tell you nothing; and you add (it seemed unkind) that I might as well be in England, a home-keeping youth, as before. I meant to refute you, but an uneasy conscience tells me you are not altogether wrong, and insists on a penance — for you, 

I expect, as well as for myself. Partly to satisfy this desire of yours for some account of my states of being during the last two years, and partly to show you how mistaken you were in wishing for anything of the sort, I send you this. It is but a rough sketch, such as Our Special Artist, when in a hurry, might despatch from the Seat of War, with a " here are houses," or " insert men and boys," scrawled over the blank spaces. \

These you must fill up as you will; and may believe, like you. please, that I agree with Mr Archibald Forbes in thinking a personal element indispensable, and so introduce my " Bertram " and " O'Hara " — or that, on the other hand, these had their prototypes, sayers and doers, of whom they are shadows. At any rate, take my sketch as a fair representation of Student Life in Peking, from a Student's point of view — and more than this it is not intended to be. .So I shall hope to be pardoned by you, as well for not writing then as for what I have written now.

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