Webster's secondary-school dictionary; abridged (1913) PDF book

Webster's secondary-school dictionary; abridged by Noah Webster

Webster's secondary-school dictionary


This new dictionary has been prepared especially for the use of students in Academies, Seminaries, College Preparatory Schools, Public High Schools, and, in short, in any grades in which etymologies are taught. 

It is not only a handy reference manual, but it gives such information as the schools require and cannot readily obtain elsewhere except in Webster's New International Dictionary. Its large Vocabulary contains All the words used in ordinary speech or in school literature (including the names of characters in fiction, folklore, and mythology) with their proper capitalization, spelling, pronunciation, derivation, and irregularities of inflexion, and with adequate, intelligible and accurate definitions, such as have always characterized the great Webster series. In separate tables are A

 pronouncing geographical and biographical dictionary, A pronouncing dictionary of foreign words and phrases, A. a large list of abbreviations in use in writing and printing.

Webster's Secondary-School Dictionary is designed for the use of pupils in the Secondary Schools and in the higher grades of the Elementary Schools but will be found of equal value as a desk companion for everyday use. The corresponding dictionary of the older series was Webster's Academic Dictionary. The Secondary-School Dictionary, however, while intended for the same grades of school work, is in no sense a revision of the Academic, but is a direct abridgement from Webster's New International Dictionary, the latest of the great dictionaries of the Webster series, prepared under the supervision of Dr W. T. Harris as editor in chief. 

The smaller book rests upon the high authority of its source; but in adapting the material to the needs of pupils new problems of selection and presentation were encountered that made necessary a very careful study of textbooks and curricula and extended consultation with many teachers of conspicuous ability in public and private schools, so -as to determine just what words are most likely to be sought by the pupils in their school work, what the scope of the etymologies should be, the extent to which the definitions of the New International should be simplified and abridged, and the kind of grammatical information that should be included.

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