The world's explorers, or, Travels and adventures (1868) by H. W. Dulcken

The world's explorers, or, Travels and adventures 

The world's explorers, or, Travels and adventures

Some contents of the book:

 I. — Truth Strauger'thau Fiction. Critics of the Laat Century: their Ignorance and Injustice. Bruce the Traveller. His Birth and Early Life. Indian Scheme. Study of Oriental Languages. Consulship at Algiers. Bruce Departs on his Travels. Lions and Lion-eaters. Ruins of Ancient Cities. Caravan. Shipwreck atBengazi. Arrival at.Alexandria. Cairo Page 1

II. — Cairo in the Last Century. Ali Bey and his Favourites. Bruce as an Astrologer. Trying a Prescription. Bruce's Voyage up the Nile. The Nile Boat. Crocodiles. Kenne. The Caravan. Quarrel with the Leader. Cosseir. Fable of the Emerald Mountain. A Boat without Nails. Arrival at Jidda. Curious Adventure. Eastern Method of Trading. Voyage towards Messiah. Arrival in Abyssinia  11

III. — Description of Abyssinia. political State of 'the Country. Eas Michael's Usurpation. Ozoro Esther. Spirited Conduct of Bruce. Advance to Gondar. Adventure with the Cow. Beefsteaks off the Living Animal. "Tube" at Court. Abyssinian Banquets. Bruce Continues his Journey. Cataract of Alata. Fazil, the Robber Chief. His Submission and Second Revolt. Difficulties Encountered by Bruce. He Reaches the Source of the Nile. Conclusion • 21

I. — Vast Bxtenf of 'North America. Extensive Emigration from Europe. The Mormons and their Progress. The Rocky Mountains. Jacob Astor. His Early Life. His Progress in America. Great Scheme of Colonisation and Commerce. The Pur Trade. The Various Great Companies. Details of Mr. Astor's Plan 37
II. — The Two Expeditions. The Tonquin and her Commander. Quarrels on Board. lU-humour of the Captain. The opposition of the Partners. The Captain's Complaints to Mr Astor. Arrival at the Sandwich Islands. Unappreciated Botanists and Explorers. Arrival at the Columbia River. The difficulty of Landing. Loss of a Boat's Crew. Foundation of Astoria. Description of theRed Indians 45

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