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The miracle of right thought 

This book teaches that everybody ought to be happier than the happiest of us are now; that our lives were intended to be infinitely richer and more abundant than at present; that we should have plenty of everything which is good for us; that the lack of anything which is really necessary and desirable does not fit the constitution of any right-living human being, and that we shorten our lives very materially through our own false thinking, our bad living, and our old-age convictions, and that to be happy and attain the highest efficiency, one must harmonize with the best, the l^ghest thing in him.

The book teaches that fear is the great human curse, that it blights more lives, makes more people unhappy and unsuccessful than any other one thing; that worry thoughts, fear thoughts, are so many malignant ix forces within us poisoning the very sources of life, destroying harmony, ruining efficiency, while the opposite thoughts heal, soothe instead of irritating, and increase efficiency and multiply mental power; that every cell in the body suffers or is a gainer, gets a life impulse or a death impulse, from every thought that enters the mind, for we tend to grow into the image of that which we think about most, love the best; that the body is really our thoughts, moods, convictions objectified, out pictured, made visible to the eye. " The Gods we worship write their names on our faces." 

The face is carved from within by invisible tools; our thoughts, our moods, and our emotions are the chisels. It is the table of contents of our life history; a bulletin board upon which is advertised what has been going on inside of us.

The author believes that there is no habit that will bring so much of value to the life as that of always carrying an optimistic, hopeful attitude of really expecting that things are going to turn out well with us and not ill, that we are going to succeed and not fail, are going to be happy and not miserable. 

He points out that most people neutralize a large part of their efforts because their mental attitude does not correspond with their endeavour, so that although working, for one thing, they are really expecting something else, and what we expect, we tend to get; that there is no philosophy or science by which a man can arrive at the success goal when he is facing the other way when every step he takes is on the road to failure when he talks like a failure, acts as a failure, for prosperity begins in the mind and is impossible while the mental attitude is hostile to it.

the book details :
  • Author: - Orison Swett Marden 
  • Publication date: 1910
  • Company: New York : T. Y. Crowell & Co.

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