Stranger than fiction - by Mary Lewes - PDF ebook

Stranger than fiction 

Stranger than fiction
Stranger than fiction


I have to thank the Editor of the Occult Review for his kindness in allowing me to reprint here many stories -which have appeared at different times in his magazine. And I am most grateful to the friends who have helped to swell the contents of this little volume, by permitting me to record their interesting experiences of the supernatural, or by furnishing me with details concerning local beliefs and superstitions, which would otherwise have been difficult to obtain.

The ancients believed that everyone possessed three distinct ghosts; the manes, of which the ultimate destination was the lower regions, the spirits, which returned to Heaven, and the umbra, that, unwilling to sever finally its connection with this life, was wont to haunt the last resting-place of the earthly body. These " shades " were supposed to " walk " between the hours of midnight and cock-crow, causing burial-grounds, cemeteries or tombs to be carefully avoided at night. 

One reason given as to why very old yew-trees are so often found in country churchyards is, that originally these trees were planted to supply the peasants with wood for their bows, for in lawless times it was soon discovered that the only place where the trees would be safe from nightly marauders was the churchyard, where not the most hardened thief dared venture between darkness and dawn. Particularly were the shades of those who, perishing by crimes of violence without absolution.


I. Introductory 1
II, Welsh Ghosts 15
III. Welsh Ghosts (continued) 43
IV. Other Ghosts 72
V. Corpse-Candles and the Toili 106
VI. Corpse-Candles and the Toili (continued) 127
VII. Welsh Fairies 159
VIII. Wise Men, Witches, and Family Curses 178
IX. Odd Notes t 204
X. Conclusion 223 

 Publication date: 1911

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