Psychology and common life (1903) by Frank Sargent Hoffman

a survey of the present results of psychical research with special reference to their bearings upon the interests of everyday life
Frank Sargent Hoffman

f object of this book is to select the most important facts from the great mass of material now accumulated by students of psychical research, describe them in language easily apprehended by the general reader, and point out their bearing upon the interests of everyday life. No attempt has been made to cover the whole field of psychology or closely correlate the topics discussed. Several of the chapters can be intelligently read by themselves, if desired, provided the most elementary facts of mind are kept clearly in view. Not many generations ago the all-absorbing theme was physics and little attention was paid to other studies. Later biology became the dominant science and gave direction to the current of thought. 

Now psychology has come to the front and holds undisputed sway. This is easily accounted for by the fact that the forces of nature have no real significance except for life, and life has no meaning except for the mind. Everybody is dominantly interested in himself and the working of his mental powers. He cannot long be diverted from this study when once he has developed far enough to pursue it. No sooner has he found out a little about the world vi Preface around him than he becomes anxious to know what he can of the world within.

Sone of its contents

The Brain and its Relation to Intelligence i
Attention as the Basis of the Mental Life 27
How and What We Remember ... 48
Hallucinations and their Relation to Mental Development 76
The Condition of the Mind in Sleep . . 103
Hypnotism, its History and Present Status 127
The Relation of the Mind to Disease. 159

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