Education as service ( 1912 ) PDF by J. Krishnamurti

Education as service by J. Krishnamurti

Education as service by J. Krishnamurti

In long-past lives, the author of this little book had much to do with educational work, and he seems to have brought over with him an intense interest in education.

 During his short visits to Benares, he paid alert attention to many of the details of the work carried on in the central Hindu college, observing and asking questions, noting the good feeling between teachers and students, so different from his own school experiences in southern India. He appears to have been brooding over education as service the question, and has, in this booklet, held up the educational ideals which appear to him to be necessary for the improvement of the present system.

The position of the teacher must be raised to that which it used to occupy in India so that to sit in the teacher's chair will be a badge of social honour. His work must be seen as belonging to the great teaching department in the government of our world and his relation with his pupils must be a copy of the relation between a master and his disciples. Love, protective and elevating on the one side, must education as service be met with love, confiding and trustful on the other. This is, in truth, the old Hindu ideal, exaggerated as it may seem to be today, and if it is possible, in any country, to rebuild this ideal, it should be by an Indian for Indians. Hence there is, at the back of the author's mind, a dream of a future college and school, wherein this ideal may be materialised — a theosophical college and school because the ancient Indian ideals now draw their life from theosophy, which alone can shape the new vessels for the ancient elixir of life.

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