A classroom logic, deductive and inductive ( 1914) PDF by George Hastings McNair

A classroom logic, deductive and inductive

A classroom logic, deductive and inductive

This treatise is an outgrowth of our classroom work in logic. It has been published in the hope of removing some of the difficulties which handicap the average student. We trust that the language is simple and definite and that the illustrative exercises and diagrams may be helpful in making clear some of the more abstruse topics.

 If a speedy review for examination is necessary, it is recommended that the briefer course as outlined on page 493 be followed and that the summaries closing each chapter be carefully read. Only the fundamentals of deductive and inductive logic have received attention. Moreover, emphasis has been given to those phases which appear to commend themselves because of their practical value. Further than this, we trust that the book may fulfil in some small way the larger mission of inspiring better thinking and, in consequence, of leading to more serviceable citizenship. Surely as civilization advances, it is with the expectation of giving greater significance to the assumption "that man is a rational animal." I am indebted to a number of writers on logic, notably Mill, Lotze, Keynes, Hibben, Fowler, Aikins, Hyslop, Creighton and Jevons. I am likewise under obligation to that large body of students who, by frankly revealing their difficulties, have given me a different point of view. 

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