Furze the cruel, Heather and Granite; trilogy (1908) Novels by Ernest George Henham, PDF books

Furze the cruel, Heather and Granite; trilogy Novels

Furze the cruel, Heather and Granite

Almost everywhere on Dartmoor are Furze, Heather, and Granite. The Furze seems to suggest Cruelty, the Heather Endurance, and the Granite Strength. The Furze is destroyed by fire, but grows again; the Heather is torn by winds, but blossoms again; the Granite is worn away imperceptibly by the rain. This work is the first of a proposed trilogy, which the author hopes to continue and complete with " Heather " and "Granite."

Some Positive reviews on The trilogy 

'The Academy says: It is always difficult to define what constitutes greatness in any form of art, but when greatness exists it is easy to discover. ' Furze the Cruel ' is undoubtedly a great book."

The Daily Mail' says::Dartmoor has inspired many good novels, but never before, we think, one quite so good as this. What it is that makes a novel great is difficult to say, but thought it is a quality that we cannot define, we always know when it is present. It is in ' Furze the Cruel.'

' The Dundee Advertiser ' says: — " Takes a distinguished place in the flood of autumn fiction. ... If any there are who have not enjoyed John Trevena, they had better turn to this book. Furze the Cruel ' will rank in the forefront of modern fiction."

The Daily Telegraph' says: — "Elaborate picture of rural Devonshire life. ... A powerful and certainly an extremely conscientious piece of work."

 The Bystander says: — " One of the most vivid and powerful books of recent years. ... It smacks of the open air, of flesh and of real red blood."

The Athenaeum says: — "This is not one of the books which may be easily read and as easily forgotten." 

' The Bookman' says: — "An original, a frank, and a powerful piece of work which suggests that its author might exercise a decidedly bracing effect on English fiction."

'Those who have read the author's former work, " Furze the Cruel," may be interested to hear that " Brightly " is (fortunately not was) a character in real life. The author is very desirous of making his hard lot lighter; and during the past winter, he was enabled to do so, owing to the kindness of a. few good people, whom he thanks most gratefully. Another winter approaches, and before it is here, the author is anxious to raise a sum of about 20, which would enable him to start the little man in business as a hawker. It is not an easy matter to make an appeal of this kind that does not savour of an attempt to advertise oneself; and the author gladly avails himself of this opportunity, afforded him by the courtesy, and with the sympathy, of his publishers, to ask any who have been interested in his characters of fiction, which are by no means all fiction, to spare a little contribution towards his " Brightly " fund.

Ernest George Henham was a Canadian-British author who wrote novels at the beginning of the 20th century about Dartmoor and Devon, England. He also published literary works under the pseudonym John Trevena

I would suggest you begin with the first novel Furze the cruel.
"Furze the Cruel" is the first of Trevena's trilogy of novels focusing on life in Dartmoor, a land peopled by strange and often grotesque characters and haunted by pixies and witchcraft. Taking as its theme the cruelty of God, Nature, and Man, the novel tells the intertwined stories of the inhabitants of a Devonshire village.

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