Truth (1903) A Novel by Emile Zola

Truth (Vérité) (1903)  

A novel by Emile Zola, PDF book Translated by  Ernest Alfred Vizetelly

A must-read novel by Emile Zola, Zola's Last masterpiece

The story begins with a murder and from the beginning, it is clear who the real killer is. Zola is not interested in writing a detective novel, his goal is to retell the Dreyfus case, describing a similar story, where, in this case, a teacher is unjustly accused of killing his niece. 

The innocent, a teacher named Simon, encounters the suspicion and resentment of society because he is Jewish. All the narrow-mindedness and prejudice of the French countryside, intense clericalism and nationalist outbursts clash with the minority struggling against adversity to prove the truth. 

Along with the central story, the family drama of the main character, Mark Froman, also unfolds, whereas an atheist he has to face the growing religion of his wife. 

for more information about Dreyfus case
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