The Confessions of a princess (1906) PDF book by Anonymous

The Confessions of a princess

The Confessions of a princess

It is not often, perhaps, that a book like the Confessions of a Princess is issued in this country, and it may be that it will be read with varied feelings. But the publisher does not consider that an apology is needed for issuing it to the American public. The "Confessions" must be judged for what they are, and not for what they might be. It may be that they can claim to possess no particular "literary" or "artistic" value. But no one will be able to read them without perceiving that they afford a picture of self-revelation, and of Manners and Morals in High Places, which is curiously lifelike though perhaps not more edifying than, for example, the famous Memoirs of the Count de Grammont.

He looked daggers at me but was absolutely speechless. And I couldn't help laughing, for there is a rumour that the pretty soubrette, Theresa Mayer, who sings in The Geisha, is more than spiritually dear to him! But naturally, this gentleman has a knack of evasion. He remarked that he looked forward to the time when I should accept his comfort and exhortation; then rose, gave me his blessing, and with the dignity of a true Mente- burg, left the room. When he was gone, I felt rather unhappy, for dear Moritz is of course in high favour with the King and Queen, and is one of the best intriguers that I have ever come across. Pooh ! what does it matter? I suppose I've done myself some more harm. It won't be the last time, and I can't help it, more's the pity.

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