Systems of ethics (1902) by Aaron Schuyler

Systems of ethics

Systems of ethics

The following treatise on Ethics is divided into three parts Theoretical Ethics, Practical Ethics, and History of Ethics. 

The first part gives a general outline of ethics, its sphere, and its relation to other sciences. It discusses the various systems of ethics Theistic, Intuitional, Utilitarian, Evolutionary, and Eclectic. It investigates the nature of the good, the relation of law and duty, and the effect of moral evil. The second part treats virtue, duty, reward, and penalty. The third part traces the history of ethics from Greek ethics, through Roman, Mediaeval, and Modern, down to the present. It is only in the history of ethics, which sweeps over centuries of thought and reveals the moral life of nations, that we can have a clear view of what has been done in this great field of investigation.

 Whenever practicable, the historical matter has been drawn from original sources. The writers reviewed, though not all of equal importance, were selected as showing the trend of ethical thought; but it is to be remembered that to deal fairly with a system, or to let it speak for itself, is not an endorsement of that system. The author has written, not as an advocate of a particular system, but as an investigator in the pursuit of truth. It is his hope that this treatise may interest many minds, and aid them in the study of the great subject of ethics, and thus contribute to the cause of sound morality.
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