Sociological study of the Bible (1912) by Louis Wallis

A sociological study of the Bible 

sociological study of the Bible

This book is an evolutionary study of Christendom, Although it largely takes the form of research into ancient history, it is in substance an inquiry into vital questions of today. Owing to the recent separation of Church and State, there is a tendency to take for granted that region deals only with matters of belief about things that have no concern for "practical" persons, or that it relates only to private, individual affairs. 
Hence the need for pointing out that the vital religious ideas of Christian society took shape in response to a social pressure as tremendous and compelling as that in which we live today. The present social revival of the church is part of a wider awakening that extends beyond the limits of religious institutions, and which has already put its deep mark on the age. Although every period of history has its own difficulties, there are times in which the social problem bids for attention more acutely and insistently than at others; and the present seems to be such a time. 

The purpose of this book is to state, as clearly and simply as possible, the relation of the Bible to the social problem. The title Sociological Study of the Bible seems to carry much of its own explanation with it. But the term "sociology" is a new one, and some prefatory statement of the general drift of the treatise will therefore be of more than usual assistance to the reader.


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