In the world (1917) PDF by Maxim Gorky, Translated by Gertrude Foakes

In the world (1917)  PDF by  Maxim Gorky

In the world (1917)  PDF by  Maxim Gorky

This is an autobiography of Gorky's adolescent years as a poverty-stricken orphan when he was passed around between relatives and lived a 'threadbare, depressing existence'.

 He was forced to work as a menial in a shoe shop and was bullied by his cousin there, a brute whose secret pride and joy was a macabre crypt under a tree trunk containing a sparrow he had killed. Maxim destroys the crypt, enraged by his older relatives callous explanation for his shrine: "He flew into the shed and I put my cap over him and smothered him." "But why?" "Because I chose to." First intimations of something finer are found when he went alms-giving secretly with his grandmother at midnight and begins a tentative friendship with a lame fourteen-year-old girl, Ludmilla. 

But reality always kicks him rudely and nothing lasts long for him, though he tried various jobs as a dishwasher on a barge, a bird catcher, an apprentice in an icon workshop. Gorky brilliantly rendered in the raw a life of ignorance, superstition and cruelty, where God's name is only evoked for curses and complaints, where to read a book is considered a deviant act.

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