Concentration: the road to success,, PDF book ( 1907) by Henry Harrison Brown

Concentration: the road to success.

Concentration: the road to success.


The thoughtful man needs no armour but this — concentration.,
Concentration is the secret of strength in politics, in war, and in all management of human affairs, — Emerson. 

The deeper the mind penetrates, the clearer it becomes; the more it spreads itself out on the surface, the more it is confusing.  Read less, think more of what you have read. Act toward a difficult task as a brave general who leaves his foe no rest till he has overthrown him. 

— Confucius.

The force of that mysterious, but irresistible power — Humanity's common and concentrated Thought. — Senator Beveridge. In what does success consist? 

Many persons desire to know how to be successful. How to win success. Before this question can be answered there must be an understanding as to what they mean by success, and what success stands for in this Book. I asked a correspondent what he meant by success, and his answer was, "I am in business, and I wish to make money from it \" Another wishes to win an office. Another to out-strip a rival. Another to succeed in her book. And here are two young ladies writing to me, one wants to pass an examination in school and the other to learn to ride a bike. 

This is called success. But it is success without Principle. The success that leaves Life out of count. It is the success of some undertaking. This is not a success. One may succeed in any and all these and similar undertakings and yet be a failure. Success must be measured by a larger standard. Can we call these U. S. Senators under indictment for breaking the laws; these men of whom Graham Phillips is telling in his "Treason in the Senate f can we call these millionaires who are under the indictment of public opinion and these society women who are passing through operations from their doctors, Successes? Can we call the student broken in health, though he wins the valedictory, a success? Success in things may mean failure in Life. 
How may I succeed in Life ? is the only question that any conscientious metaphysician can answer. He will not answer the questions as to success in any enterprise. Those who attempt this are not metaphysicians but char- Latinas. The Greatest of Metaphysicians gave us the rule for SUCCESS, any other is mere temporary advice or makeshift. Here is the only possible way to SUCCESS, which is wiitten with capitals — "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." A simple and scientific Law. It simply means. — Live by Principle and not by detail! It is as if the professor of electricity when asked, "How shall I make a battery?" should answer, "First study up on electricity till you learn its principle of action, then you will know how to make any apparatus."
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