Color problems (1902) : a practical manual for the lay student of color by Emily Noyes Vanderpoel

 Color problems  (1902) 

You will expect from this book:the understanding of the theory of colour and solving  problems of colour 
Color problems  (1902)

It has been asked by artists who have given years of study to form, perspective and composition, why it should be necessary to study colour if one has a good eye for it, to which another question may serve an answer. Suppose a person in- tending to make art his life work has a good eye for form, will he, therefore, begin to paint pictures before learning to draw, or without going through a thorough drill in perspective? 

Later, having some subject in his mind which he wishes to put on canvas, he does not stop to review all the rules he studied of form and perspective; the knowledge and facility he gained in that study will enable him unconsciously to crystallize his thought into better shape on his canvas. Do the possessor of a naturally fine voice think he can dispense with the time and trouble of cultivating it? 

The same reasoning may well be applied to colour and its study. A great deal will be found in these pages that will be of practical service, particularly to those who have not been able to read the works of Chevreul, Von Bezold, Rood, Church, and others. Indeed, even in these, careful study would be necessary to select passages describing combinations that could be applied to special work. Much attention is here given to contrasts of modified or subdued colours, such colours as would be required constantly in decorative designs covering large 'spaces, against which points of more positive colour would be placed. One of the greatest difficulties in arranging a colour design is in determining the qualities and quantities of colour in an effective and agreeable way and very few works give useful hints on this subject contained in this book. Under the heading of " Historic Color " are some very interesting and original diagrams, presented in a way easier to be understood and made use of in actual practice.

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