Celebrated criminal cases of America - PDF book (1910) by Thomas S. Duke

Celebrated criminal cases of America 

Celebrated criminal cases of America

This volume, which is the first history published of the celebrated criminal cases in America, includes the most important cases during the past eighty years. 

They have been collected after years of systematic investigation and verified with the assistance of police officials throughout America, without whose co-operation an authentic history would be impossible. The hundred and ten cases presented in this volume should prove interesting to the general reader because of the psychological and, in many cases, the historical interest which attaches to them. 

This book also contains a brief history of the San Francisco Police Department from the date of its organization; an accurate history of the far-famed Vigilance Committee; the Kearney riots; the life of Chief Justice Terry, including the famous duel in which he killed the United States Senator Broder- ick and his tragic death while assaulting Justice Field of the United States Supreme Court; also a synopsis of the police and municipal history of the great earthquake and fire, which contains much information which has not heretofore been published.

 While this volume will show that in some instances fabulous amounts of money have been unlawfully obtained, it will also show that retribution invariably overtakes the professional criminal and brings with it untold misery and degradation. 

Although there are isolated cases where the perpetrator of an atrocious crime succeeds in escaping the iron hand of the law, there is one court he cannot escape, and that is the one "whose findings are incontrovertible and whose sessions are held in the chambers of his own breast."

 The dread of discovery is constantly with him by day and by night, and who can doubt but that he finally concludes that even an ignominious death on a scaffold would be preferable to such a miserable existence. 

A perusal of this volume will show that, while many of the most desperate characters have inherited their criminal tendencies, the environment frequently transforms an ideal youth into a veritable fiend. To the police officials and others who have supplied me with valuable information and photographs of criminals, I hereby acknowledge my gratitude, especially to the following named gentlemen:

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