Benito Mussolini -the man - PDF book (1927) by Vahdah Jeanne Bordeux

Benito Mussolini , the man

Benito Mussolini , the man

The story of Benito Mussolini’s life is told with clarity, directness, and charm. Here are facts, but no tiresome details: nothing of importance has been omitted, nothing that does not bear on the character or work of the man has been included. The whole story, a biography, if you will, runs smoothly and connectedly. Best of all, there are no historical discrepancies. 

The great work that the Duce has done for Italy is described with accuracy, and I, who know the man as well as it is perhaps possible to know him, find that with delicate intuition, Madame Bordeaux has at all times divined the light and shade of his character. 

She has shown him in his lovableness, in his moments of anger; the man of lofty ambition, the man of many sorrows; yet always one feels the great heart of the man, the indefinable something that is Benito Mussolini.

He may be a revolutionary, a bungler, journalist, and any other ignoble thing that the anti-Fascists, backed up by certain men who are no longer considered worthy to be Italian citizens, wish to call him; but the fact remains incontestable that he saved Italy from unending disaster, that when the crucial moment came in 1922 he went forth from the tranquillity of his editor’s office to face the mobs, and possibly death, with the same fearlessness that he had done innumerable times before. he was who led the “ Black Shirts” to Rome to swear allegiance to Italy.

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