A manual of Greek antiquities ( 1898) by Percy Gardner with Illustrations

A manual of Greek antiquities 

The present work is an attempt to compress into a single volume, for the use of students, an introduction to all the main branches of Hellenic antiquities — social, religious, and political. Hitherto, in England, such information as is here supplied has appeared only in the form of dictionaries. For many purposes, the alphabetic arrangement under subjects is best, but a more logical and systematic arrangement has also its advantages. 

In Germany, several monumental works have appeared in which Greek antiquities have been systematically treated, such as the Handbooks of Karl Fr. Hermann and Iwan von Miiller. Writing on a far smaller scale, we make no attempt to rival these great works in fitness or detail; but we do endeavour to present to the English reader the elements of the subject in a more readable form. 

The share in the work taken by each of the two contributors is stated on the title page. Each writer is wholly responsible for the part which he has contributed. In dealing with a subject of such vast extent, it is clear that no two scholars could in all cases write from complete or first-hand knowledge This is a defect inseparable from the plan of the work. Illustrations are sometimes introduced, especially in Books III. and rV., but limits of space required the reduction of their number to a minimum. A complete and ordered series of illustrations for all branches of Greek Antiquities will be found in Schreiber's Atlas of Classical Antiquities, edited in English by Mr W. C. F. Anderson, which may advantageously be used as a companion to the present volume.
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