A course in argumentative writing (1899) PDF by Harford Flemming

A course in argumentative writing 

A course in argumentative writing

From the conviction that the student should formulate his own principles of argumentation follows the second article of faith: that the subjects set for argument and the material used for analysis should be not remote from the student's natural interests, but interwoven with his daily experiences. 

If the student is to gain his principles from his unconscious practice, it follows that he will, for a time at least, be concerned with arguments about the probable score of the coming football game or the fairness of a certain examination rather than the desirability of a high protective tariff for the United States or the iniquity of free silver. Whenever these latter topics come to have a real and first-hand 'interest, they may well be used; but simpler and more intimate questions will usually serve better to disclose the typical processes of reasoning and argument, not obscuring them by needless bulk and complexity in the subject matter. 

When once these typical processes have become thoroughly familiar in their simpler aspects, they may easily be traced through the mazes of an intricate and voluminous argument in politics or sociology. Work of this more ambitious type, however, properly follows the elementary study of the principles of argumentation with which we are here concerned.
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