A cigarette-maker's romance novel (1905) by Francis Marion Crawford

A cigarette maker's romance novel 

A cigarette maker's romance novel

Francis Marion Crawford was an American writer noted for his many novels, especially those set in Italy, and for his classic weird and fantastic stories

Except :

only a couple of tall, dried tobacco plants set in flower pots, a carelessly arranged collection of cedar and pasteboard boxes for cigars and cigarettes, and a fantastically constructed Swiss cottage, built entirely of cigarettes and fine cut yellow leaf, with little pieces of glass set in for windows. This effort of architecture is in a decidedly ruinous condition, the little stuffed paper cylinders are ragged and torn, some of them show signs of detaching themselves from the cardboard frame upon which they are posted, and the dust of years has accumulated upon the bit of painted board which serves as a foundation for the chalet. In one comer of the window, an object gaudier but not more useful attracts the eye. It is the popular doll figure commonly known in Germany as the ' Wiener Girl ' or ' Vienna fop.' It is doubtful whether any person could appear in the public places of Vienna in such a costume without being stoned or otherwise painfully put to a shameful death. The doll is ar- rayed in black shorts and silk stockings, a wide white waistcoat, a scarlet evening coat, an enormous collar and a white tall hat with a broad brim. He stands upon one foot, raising the other as though in the act of beginning a minute
     The book needs to be reviewed 
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