Words, facts, and phrases; a dictionary of curious, quaint, & out-of-the-way matters (1908 ) by Eliezer Edwards

Words, facts, and phrases; a dictionary

Words, facts, and phrases; a dictionary

My aim in this work has been to comprise within the compass of a single volume a mass of curious, out-of-the-way information acquired during years of labour and research from sources not easily accessible to general readers. 

I have further attempted to render the book interesting, as well as useful, by making it familiar in style rather than', formal, and by keeping it free, as far as possible, from technicalities, dry details, and scientific terms. 

When I first commenced the work, it did not occur to me that it would be either desirable or necessary in all cases to cite authorities. Some of the articles in the books are, consequently, unsupported by other testimony than my own. 
Words, facts, and phrases

I think it may be well for me, therefore, to state that in all such cases the evidence, or the authority upon which I relied, was such as to convince me that it was trustworthy. I can scarcely hope that the nearly four thousand articles which the book contains will each be found strictly accurate. Authorities, even of the highest repute, differ greatly; sometimes two, three, or even more, give different explanations of one word or subject. 

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