Wallpaper : its origin, development and manufacture (1922) by George Whiteley Ward

Wallpaper: its origin, development, and manufacture (1922)


In view of several grave volumes upon the subject already in existence, that I should say at the outset that, in the preparation of this little work, I have aimed at no higher mark than to offer the Man who Stops at the Bookstall a general and, I venture to hope also, a readable account of the genesis and development of Wall Papers. Needless to state, a subject so comprehensive was not to be exhausted in the space of hundred-odd octavo pages. I have, I imagine, left something for other writers still to say about it. If I have succeeded in interesting the individual above referred to in an everyday sort of topic that is yet quite intimately identified with his own domestic comfort and well-being, that is quite as far as I ever hoped to go.

 If I have accomplished so much, I have reached the utmost boundary of my own endeavor. So, there only remains to discharge a debt of thanks in several quarters. In the first place, I would tender to the Directorate of the Wall Paper Manufacturers, Ltd., sincere acknowledgments for the very kind assistance and facilities afforded to me in the writing of the chapters which follow. In the next, I would like to thank the same firm and that of Messrs. John Line & Sons, Ltd., wall paper makers, for the loan of the many beautiful illustrations which supplement the literary text. And, lastly, my gratitude is due to Mr. Henry G. Bowling, Chief Decorative Adviser at Messrs. Line's, and to Messrs. W. W. Clarke Pitts and G. Fisher Jones, of the artistic staff of the same firm, for much valuable help as the writing went along.

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